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Dec 2020

Erasing Grace EP: Standing on the shoulders of Riot Grrls! 

Former music festival director and published poet Anna Grace Du Noyer reinvents her written works in a gloriously gritty, girl-grunge debut.

3-track EP, Hurricane Hill - set for distribution under alias Erasing Grace in late Jan 2021 - lays bare stories that were only danced around in the frontwoman’s poetry collection, Fear is a Liar - published in paperback and audiobook during Summer 2020. 

Weighing in a ”lifetime of oppression and resistance” with the music that truly captured the zeitgeist of her 1990s youth, artist Du Noyer omits all subtlety in this bold translation of her semi-biographical prose. 

There is a sense that this record symbolises Du Noyer’s climactic ‘coming of age’ - the light switch moment, to finally be yourself, experienced by many women in their mid-thirties; more profound than it’s teenage counterpart, but less frequently discussed as a creative muse.

With no fucks left to give, tribal anthem Shoot Me sums up Du Noyer's unmistakable, monotone apathy - built on distorted guitars and a chorus you can feel in the pit of your stomach. 

Euphorically unapologetic. Title track Hurricane Hill combines melodically resigned guitar loops, lo-fi beats and minor chords for a candid, and almost laid-back recount of the cyclical inevitability of "pressing self-destruct".

Finally - and arguably the best of the three distinct tracks - Running Out Of Reasons curls around lump-in-the-throat violin; setting the tone for lyrically explicit imagery  of suicidal ideation - and haunting harmonies from ”the gallows of [my] garden”.  

A stunning debut release; angst a teenager could only dream of and a noticeable absence of the genres often predictable, erroneous bravado and canned hedonism. 

Instead, this record lays down feelings of feminist disaffection, furious vulnerability and painful alienation - jarring into the canon of rock misogyny in only the way a riot grrrl can.

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