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DAY 1: TRAUMA RECOVERY and the leaf that could change my life.

Trigger Warning: sexual abuse, violence, trauma, suicide, grief

Today I started trauma therapy with a specialist CPTSD psychotherapist. For the first time in my life I spoke openly about the darkest days - years - of my life. I wrote down these experiences in chronological order, before the session, to help me be completely open. The timeline documented over 30 years of my life; one shocking headline after another. The list included childhood sexual abuse; multi perpetrator physical and sexual violence; identifying my Dad’s body after he committed suicide; watching my beautiful Mum dying; life changing coercive control, and several other experiences that I am not yet ready to share, but hope one day I will be.

Why share, so publicly?

Now I’m ready. It is liberating, validating and healing, for me personally

I hope others who are suffering can find strength and encouragement to seek support, from my openness.

I will never divulge anything I’m not 100% ready to.

The leaf?

I took my dog for a walk in the woods after the session.

When I saw a beautiful, rusty leaf in my path, among a canopy of mainly green above; I felt happy.

Just as the season changes, one leaf at a time, I will heal, one day at a time. I will keep this leaf on my to-do-list chalk board.

To do: have self compassion and make decisions that serve me well.

I am going to continue to document and share my journey, as I heal. I hope that others will be encouraged to seek help and open my inbox to anyone who would like to be signposted towards the support options available.

I will also be sharing support links and blogs on my website over the next few days so that it’s quick to find for anyone reading my posts.



IF YOU FEEL SUICIDAL CALL 988 988 (National Suicide Prevention)

IF YOU FEEL SUICIDAL CALL 116 123 (The Samaritans)



All of my lyrics are based on these experiences and the symptoms of my traumas. There is a link in my bio if you would like to listen.











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